Smoothie and Kitchen Blenders

Kitchen blenders are small kitchen appliances that are used to blend, mix, and puree various foods. They are most often paired with a blending container made of glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

Often, these containers will be etched with measuring markers to make the execution of many recipes easier. It is believed blenders were invented in the early 1920's and consistently were modified to evolve with the technology available.

Blenders have come a long way from being restricted to simple tasks like creaming soup or blending vegetables. They are now designed with at least two levels of speed and several buttons and options to do a variety of things such as blending ice for a smoothie or frozen cocktail, and self cleaning with the flick of a switch.

In recent years, developers have even gone so far as to equip kitchen blenders with motors that are equipped with gadgets that will reduce the noise of the machine while in operation. There are also many blender accessories now on the market to enhance the use of the traditional machine.

From travel blenders, to replacement blades and jars, many stores will offer these accessories to enhance and prolong the life of the selected blender.

It is important that consumers choose the type of blender they purchase based on their lifestyle. Someone who only uses a blender for the occasional smoothie or soup may benefit from a blender with a low-powered motor.

The Tribest blender was the first single-serving blender to hit the market and is very popular for making smoothies, crushed ice, soups, and things of the like. They are considered household kitchen blenders and will serve their purpose well for common blending tasks.

However, for those who want more use out of their blenders, or are living a more natural lifestyle, using mostly raw fruits and vegetables in their everyday diet, a blender with a bigger motor and a few more options is usually the best blender option.

Generally, for those that want to get the longest life out of their kitchen blenders, commercial may be the way to go. The Vita-mix blender is a machine designed for home use, but with the power of many commercial products.

The powerful motor equipped in the Vita-mix has made it easy for the blender to crush six cups of ice down in just seconds. Another popular household blender that provides commercial-level power is the Blendtec blender.

With blenders containing motors sometimes up to 1600 watts, these powerful machines are very popular in many household kitchens.

Whether one considers themselves an occasional soup maker or a professional blender, there are many blenders on the market today to suit everyone's blending needs. Generally, the more powerful the blender, the higher the price tag will be but consumers at every level should be able to find the best blender for their home and at a reasonable price.

From the multi-purpose kitchen blender, to a more specific machine like a smoothie blender or ice crusher, there are many machines priced at many levels to suit a variety of kitchen operations.

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