Rawman & Green-Girl vs The Pasteurizer

How to detox from drugs at home

This is a sound approach for detoxing from just about anything, from the comfort of your home.

Rather than make you read the whole page to find the solution, the answer is: you can detox by simply stopping everything that you eat, smoke, drink, and apply to your skin & hair, and by then making cleaner, healthier choices.

Now, that's a full onslaught of detoxification. Is that what you want? Probably not, because unless you "cheat" the detox systems with colon hydrotherapy (encourages much more detox through the colon, rather than allowing it to absorb back into the bloodstream), then this process will likely be very uncomfortable. So, it depends a great deal on your reasons, tolerance, and so forth.

But you certainly need to stop consuming what it is you want to detox from, and start including nutrient-rich foods into your diet that can help with repair

At any rate, the simplest approach is to stop what you eat currently, and consume cleaner foods. Now, the more absorbable, and nutrient rich the foods are, the more cleansing (and potentially uncomfortable), the detox will be. That's where your tolerance level comes into play, or the desire to go the route of colon hydrotherapy. So, unless you build a colonics machine in your basement, this will take you out of the home. Your call. People go to colon hydrotherapy clinics (click for some in your area) for all sorts of reasons... to cleanse dairy, meat, sugar.. or because they heard it helps them heal from disease.

How to detox from drugs at home

Here are steps:

1) First is to stop what you are trying to detox from (provided of course that you are certain that's the way to go, or check with your doctor perhaps, don't do it just because it's written here)

2) I would recommend drinking "green juices". You ever see the show "The Cleaner"? That's what that guy did to help people with detox. Green juices are nourishing and cleansing. Here are some recipes for green juices.

3) Optionally, find a colon hydrotherapy clinic in your area.

For the greens, you can just buy some from the local grocery store. However, without concerning yourself too much about it, I will list the ways to get the most cleanest/healthiest (potentially), down to the "OK" options.

  1. Local/wild greens (get a book first though)
  2. From YOUR organic garden
  3. From a local organic food delivery service
  4. From the local/organic food market or grocery store
  5. From YOUR non-organic garden, or any other non-organic sources available

It's up to you. How clean do you want to be? It is suggested that even a little bit cleaner is advantageous to the body.

As for equipment, you will need a juicer. If money is no object consider the Norman Walker juicer, or the Green Star. Otherwise you can make do with a blender + strainer, or any of the cheaper juicers on the market.

Alright, best of luck with this! If it's important to you, you can find a way :)

Vita Mix Blender

When people hear "vita mix blender" they think about the increased quality of living healthy. Vita mix offers a professional series of blenders for everyone from want-to-be chefs to big business restaurants. Whether it's chopping, blending, pureeing, whipping, or grinding, Vita Mix has a blender to suit any combination of those tasks.

Vita Mix blenders offer more power than the average blender on the market today. They can help you create perfectly textured soups, sauces, smoothies and mixes unlike any other ordinary blender or processor currently on store shelves today. There are also more options, speeds and capacities available with Vita Mix than you get with standard blenders. These small appliances are also offered in a variety of colors to compliment any kitchen and the vita blender is becoming the dominating and most popular blender available.

While other blenders can do occasional easy tasks for the everyday consumer, Vita Mix allows consumers to use their appliances for heavier, consistent use. They will withstand heavy use against time, children, and other known abusers to our small appliances.

Vita Mix blenders are found in plenty of culinary schools. Their professional series can stand up to the rigors of constant blending of even the toughest of ingredients. Particularly, the Vita Mix 5000 professional blender is considered one of the most durable blenders on the market today. It has a powerful motor, and a large capacity carafe, which is made of virtually unbreakable plastic material. This blender is also known for being very easy to clean.

Another model from the Vita Mix family of blenders is the Vita Mix 4500. It has 1380 watts of power, and a large capacity carafe. It has a wet blade specifically designed for more efficient blending and pureeing a large variety of foods. This blender can turn vegetables into hot soup in seconds and turn yummy fruits into delicious smoothies with the touch of a button.

Vita Mix blenders have become extremely popular over the last few years and they are being endorsed by celebrity chefs such as Michael Symon and Jon Ashton. These chefs endorse the Vita Mix lines because they simply believe in the products. The value consumers get from the Vita Mix blenders compares to no other. If you're looking for a machine that will endure constant and heavy use to aid in a healthier lifestyle, Vita Mix is a great solution. Some people say that once they try the Vita Mix blenders out, they never look back..the extra dollars spent are well worth it.

There are multiple speeds and blending options and they come with recipes booklets with easy to follow recipes. The Vita blenders come with warranties against defective parts and workmanship. Depending on the model, the number of years the warranty is good for will differ. Most also come with a one year service contract. Whatever the warranty, the quality of Vita Mix machines is top-notch and the company stands by their product 100%.

Tribest Blender

The raw food diet is a movement that is continually growing in popularity. People are moving to a more natural, healthier diet regime. One way to make this lifestyle change easier is by using kitchen appliances like blenders and other mixing machines. Blending raw fruit and veggies into smoothies and drinks is a convenient way to make sure to get the full benefits offered by a raw food diet.

Tribest is a blender company that offers blenders to suit any blending need. The Tribest Personal Blender PB200 is a smaller sized, convenient blending machine that allows for a variety of single-serving food options.

Not only do these machines allow for making smoothies and drinks from a variety of fruits and vegetables, they also have the power to do a multitude of other small blending tasks. Puddings, salsas, dips and dressings are just a few examples of other ways to get good nutrition from a raw food diet and the Tribest Personal Blender line offers options for all of these food ideas and more. The Tribest PB 200 is even powerful enough to grind nuts, coffee beans, grains, and even ice. Without a lot of complicated buttons and switches, there are two options to make raw food to your liking. You can simply pulse the food items or press down for continuous blending for a smoother, more consistent texture.

The line of personal blenders by Tribest is convenient in operations and size as well. The blenders are lightweight and compact, allowing for quick easy storage. And the two eight-ounce containers or the two sixteen-ounce containers that are used to blend the food in, can come off and be used for a travel drink container (even equipped with travel lids to allow for sipping on the go). These containers are BPA free and are also stain and odor resistant. They are also dishwasher safe for a little added convenience. As far as a little more convenience goes, this line of Tribest blenders are also quite portable due to the size and weight of the products, so they are able to go wherever you go, allowing you to bring the raw food movement wherever it may take you. For in the kitchen, it is sure to take up very little counter space and will be easily cleaned and put away just as easily in any sized kitchen.

Specifications of the Tribest Personal Blender PB200 include a power consumption of 200 watts, a size of 3 lbs, with dimensions of 5 inches by 5 inches, by 12 inches high. It comes in white and includes the motor base, two 16 ounce containers, two 8 ounce containers, four lids, a blending blade, and a grinding blade. It also comes with a one-year warranty that will guarantee the product free from defects in workmanship and materials, effective from the date of purchase.

Consumers who purchased the Tribest PB 200 review that they love the convenience and easy storage of the unit. If you are considering a raw food diet and a healthier lifestyle change, Tribest may offer the perfect blender to assist with your new (or existing), healthy way of life.

Professional Blender

Professional blender is a term used to describe a series of blenders from the makers of the Vita-mix.

Professional blenders are given that label to imply a certain level of industrialism to the everyday consumer. Vita-mix produces a professional series of their blenders, offering their would-be chef-consumers the opportunity to own a blender that is capable of performing enormous blending tasks that a large-scale business, like a restaurant, might do. Vitamix professional blenders start with basic models for easy, light blending all the way to heavy, tough mixing and chopping.

Regular routine cooking that may require blending a few softer ingredients now and again could involve a simple commercial blender which could take care of soft or cooked ingredients usually without a problem. With the Vita-mix line, even the most basic model will not overheat when used properly. However, for more frequent and difficult uses, you definitely want to go to one of the higher end models that promises no overheating even with the troublesome ingredients.

Many people are looking to make life simpler and healthier with a raw food diet. For these people that will be chopping, mixing, and blending all kinds of tough, raw vegetables and greens, they'll need a machine with a slightly more powerful motor. So if the chefs are looking for blenders that can handle more than just a consistent daily use, industrial blenders would be what they need.

For things like blending fruit and chopping ice, simple commercial smoothie blenders will most likely suffice. Most blenders will come with at least two options for speed of the blade(s), but a smoothie blender can be equipped with one level that allows best for the softer, smoother consistency involved in blending fruit. A commercial smoothie blender may also do the trick for pureeing fruit and vegetables well enough for baby food, which has become a popular cost-effective way to feed little ones.

If, however, the consumer is looking for an appliance to help with blending needs that are beyond the ordinary, the Vita-Prep 3 1005 is a great model that is capable of blending together just about anything a chef can come up with. With its powerful motor of 3 horsepower, it can handle most tough ingredients other blenders wouldn't stand up to. It also has varying speeds which makes it easy to get just the right consistency even when blending more difficult ingredients. Many businesses have turned to the Vita-Prep line when a simple restaurant blender won't do. It allows for simpler, quicker prep in the hub of any restaurant. The Vita-Prep 3 1005 can be also used effectively by the everyday consumer as well though, and even comes with a recipe book featuring all kinds of creative menu options. It also comes with a 3 year warranty, to ensure your product is free from manufacturer defects and any substandard parts and Vita-mix also provides a one-year service contract.

Regardless of the type of blender required, the Vita-mix line promises to have something for everyone, offering simpler models all the way from basic for the everyday consumer, to the industrial strength for non-stop rugged use.



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