Raw And Organic Food In Windsor Ontario

I have been seeing some queries to this site for search terms like "raw food windsor ontario" or "ontario windsor raw foods" but I'm afraid people were leaving without the information that they were looking for.

The reason I think this site shows up when people search those terms is because this site is a raw food site of course and because I live in Windsor and have my location posted at the bottom of each page. I figured that since people are coming here looking for that information, I may as well provide it, so as to not have anyone leave disappointed.

I personally do most of my shopping at Zehrs (or the Super Store). They seem to have the best selection of organic produce and the prices aren't too bad. The prices do fluctuate but a lot of times they offer 50% off items like organic spring mix or organic spinach. The reason for the discount is because there's only a few days left where the product will be any good. But, if you are like my family, and make green smoothies daily, you can have one of those things empty in short order.

Another thing I like about Zehrs is that they have a natural section. I usually go there to pick up some raw energy bars, raw honey, raw flax, etc. There are several Zehrs locations around the city (and outside the city, like in LaSalle for example) so I'm sure there is one close by to where you are.

I also like going to Enchie Mart from time to time. It's located at 2001 Provincial Road. They have organic, raw and Japanese food. I find the prices to be a bit higher than other places, even for the same products. However, some foods are available there that you can't pick up at Zehrs (as far as I know at least), like wheat grass for example.

Also, although a bit pricey, they have a small selection of locally grown organic produce. I believe the produce comes from Pelee Island. You can learn more about Enchie Mart from their web site: enchie.com

Another great source of organic food in the Windsor area is New Earth Organics (http://www.newearthorganics.ca/ <- link opens in new window). They will deliver your order to your door so it's very convenient, plus they support local farming, and everything they sell I believe is 100% organic.

As far as raw restaurants in Windsor, the only one that I'm aware of is Taloola Cafe. And I believe they only add a few raw items to their menu just once a month. Taloola is located at 396 Devonshire Rd. The food there is great, leans towards the healthier lighter side, the atmosphere is casual, has some live music and other events on occasion. It's small but cozy, nearby the river (but not much of a view of the river), has an outdoor patio and is licensed. Oh, and they are closed on Mondays, and last I checked, don't have Wi-Fi.

That's really the best that I can offer about healthy food options in the Windsor, Ontario area. Short of growing your own produce, that's all that I'm aware of. As far as a good online source for raw foods that delivers to Canada, I recommend Amazon. Here is a link to a selection of "raw nuts" for example.

Image source: https://flic.kr/p/a9Eda4

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