Professional Blender

Professional blender is a term used to describe a series of blenders from the makers of the Vita-mix.

Professional blenders are given that label to imply a certain level of industrialism to the everyday consumer. Vita-mix produces a professional series of their blenders, offering their would-be chef-consumers the opportunity to own a blender that is capable of performing enormous blending tasks that a large-scale business, like a restaurant, might do. Vitamix professional blenders start with basic models for easy, light blending all the way to heavy, tough mixing and chopping.

Regular routine cooking that may require blending a few softer ingredients now and again could involve a simple commercial blender which could take care of soft or cooked ingredients usually without a problem. With the Vita-mix line, even the most basic model will not overheat when used properly. However, for more frequent and difficult uses, you definitely want to go to one of the higher end models that promises no overheating even with the troublesome ingredients.

Many people are looking to make life simpler and healthier with a raw food diet. For these people that will be chopping, mixing, and blending all kinds of tough, raw vegetables and greens, they'll need a machine with a slightly more powerful motor. So if the chefs are looking for blenders that can handle more than just a consistent daily use, industrial blenders would be what they need.

For things like blending fruit and chopping ice, simple commercial smoothie blenders will most likely suffice. Most blenders will come with at least two options for speed of the blade(s), but a smoothie blender can be equipped with one level that allows best for the softer, smoother consistency involved in blending fruit. A commercial smoothie blender may also do the trick for pureeing fruit and vegetables well enough for baby food, which has become a popular cost-effective way to feed little ones.

If, however, the consumer is looking for an appliance to help with blending needs that are beyond the ordinary, the Vita-Prep 3 1005 is a great model that is capable of blending together just about anything a chef can come up with. With its powerful motor of 3 horsepower, it can handle most tough ingredients other blenders wouldn't stand up to. It also has varying speeds which makes it easy to get just the right consistency even when blending more difficult ingredients. Many businesses have turned to the Vita-Prep line when a simple restaurant blender won't do. It allows for simpler, quicker prep in the hub of any restaurant. The Vita-Prep 3 1005 can be also used effectively by the everyday consumer as well though, and even comes with a recipe book featuring all kinds of creative menu options. It also comes with a 3 year warranty, to ensure your product is free from manufacturer defects and any substandard parts and Vita-mix also provides a one-year service contract.

Regardless of the type of blender required, the Vita-mix line promises to have something for everyone, offering simpler models all the way from basic for the everyday consumer, to the industrial strength for non-stop rugged use.

Blendtec HP3A

Several folks in the raw food community are often debating what the best blender to use for green smoothies and their raw meals is. It usually comes down to the top Vitamix and the top Blendtec blender. As you'll see, the Blendtec HP3A is not only the best Blendtec but perhaps the very best blender available on the market.

The Blendtec Home HP3A blender comes with a 3 quart (or 96oz) BPA free carafe, instead of the 2 quart (or 64oz) carafe that used to be provided, and it also has an upgraded single prong blade. The blade is now 3 inches in length instead of 4 inches. The 3 quart carafe can also be purchased separately and can be put on any Blendtec base.

The larger carafe of course allows for more food to be blended at one time, it is a lot easier to clean, and because of the wider bottom and larger 4 inch blade, the blending process seems effortless, and as the Blendtec HP3A review video below shows, less oxidation occurs. It may be impossible to blend without any oxidation what-so-ever but this Blendtec stands above the other high speed blenders in that regard.

Oxidation occurs when the food contents heat up. Evidence of oxidation is shown in the color of the finished product, usually a brown color. However, the food contents are still cool upon completion when using the Blendtec.

Attributing to the minimized oxidation is likely the larger amount of space at the bottom of the carafe where the food sits. The food falls into the blade much easier and breaks down a lot quicker, not really giving the blender enough time to heat up, unlike a lot of other high speed blenders.

If you aren't 100% sure what oxidation is, you may have seen the brown color on an apple that has sat out.. that is oxidation. It's the rust on metal. And it has been said that when cells in our body become oxidized they become cancer cells.

Blendtec vs Vitamix

The YouTube video below shows a comparison between the Vitamix and the Blendtec. In fact there are 2 Blendtecs being demonstrated, one with a 3 quart carafe and one with a 2 quart. The demo is done by Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch and a guest. Matt sometimes makes reference to the Blendtecs as K-Tecs but they are in fact the Blendtecs.

The HP3A Home Blender is the all-in-one appliance that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, breads, dressings, salsas and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with one fast easy-to-use machine, at a fraction of the cost. This blender is essential in the raw food kitchen especially for hard root vegetables and nuts and seeds.

The HP3A we found to be quieter than the Vita mix and it weighs less. It takes up less counter space than the Vitamix. Additional specs of the Blendtec HP3A include: 3 peak horse power, 13 amps, 1500 watts and an auto-shutoff for safety.

When using the Blendtec we have found that there is no need to push down the ingredients and no need to shake the machine around. It blends on its own accord.

Blendtec Demonstration

Below is another YouTube video demonstrating the Blendtec HP3 done by Matt Monarch. As a bonus, the video also gives a recipe for a delicious energy soup (essentially a blended salad). I wrote out the recipe below the video.

Energy Soup Recipe

To prepare this soup, add chopped cucumber and zucchini to the bottom of the Blendtec carafe. Add your choice of sprouts, greens, and seaweeds. Add some avacodoes, garlic and lemon juice. The blended salad, as demonstrated in the video above remains cold (assuming your ingredients were cold) and is blended to a smooth consistency without any packing or shaking using the Blendtec HP3A home blender.

Blendtec Blender

A Blendtec blender is a technologically advanced kitchen appliance. Its reviews boast that this line of small machines far exceeds expectations and surpasses the average blender. Having one of the most powerful line of home blenders on the market today, the line consists of machines with over 1500 watts and 13 amps of blending power.

On many of these blenders, you will find up to 25 different pre-programmed settings such as food processing, smoothies, juices and many more. These blenders are available in two or more (depending on the model) different colors and are equipped with an LCD display screen to show the many settings available. Unlike other blenders that are compared to professional quality, the Blendtec blender line is conveniently sized and most models will fit under kitchen cupboards with ease.

The Blendtec-TB-621-BHM has been met with great reviews from many customers. It comes with a 3 year warranty and the blade even has its own lifetime warranty. This blender comes in black or white and is paired with not just the usual fantastic Blendtec jar, but a unique square-shaped 64 ounce container, etched with measurement markings and topped with a secure-fitting lid.

It has a blade that runs at over 29000 rpms and the motor, featuring 3 horsepower at peak performance won't burn out even with the toughest of blending tasks. This powerful blender even comes with its very own ice-crushing guarantee. With state-of-the-art technology, you are able to select a cycle, press a button, walk away and wait for the motor to wind down, completing the task all on its own.

Another bonus with the TB-621-BHM, according to consumers, is the ease with which you are able to clean this machine. Rather than having to disassemble the jar like you have to with the Breville and other models, you can simply throw in a drop of detergent, add some water, pulse it for five seconds, give it a rinse and you're all set.

For the would-be-chef, this blender will also come complimented with a book containing more than 100 different recipes and many tips and ideas on how to get the best use out of your new machine.

Many consumers are impressed with the consistency and texture that comes from a Blendtec blender. This blender can easily replace up to nine other kitchen appliances. You will be blending, chopping, mixing, pureeing, and liquefying in no time at the touch of a button. On a Blendtec, you will find no old-fashioned knobs or dials, only the latest in kitchen technology, sure to make life in the kitchen more simplified.

Vitamin B12

B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for the brain, and for neurological and other functions of the body. It is involved in many of the metabolic processes that occur within our bodies.

According to some studies, it is suggested that 2 out of 5 people are deficient in Vitamin B12. That's almost 1 in every 2 people! These studies involved a mixed group of people, not just vegetarians and vegans, but meat eaters as well.

The only way to be certain if your B12 levels are optimal is to have them tested. You can take a serum B12 test and/or an MMA (methylmalonic acid) test. An MMA test is very important because although serum levels may seem to be at "ideal" levels, the serum test doesn't show how B12 is being metabolized.

Worse, your doctor may not know what the optimum levels are... they may be basing it on old information.

Getting B12 Into Your System

B12 From Microbes On Unwashed Veggies

Some people feel that unwashed veggies straight from the garden, when consumed, will keep their B12 at acceptable levels. The theory is that the microbes that exist on the unwashed veggies contain the necessary B12, and if they remain unwashed, we will assimilate the B12. Others suggest that there isn't sufficient evidence to support this, and a lot of people are forced (or decide to) get their vegetables from the grocery store anyways.

If you like the "microbes idea", the best thing to probably do is test your levels, and if you are low, try the "unwashed veggies" theory, then test again after a certain period of time to see where you are at.

B12 From Algae And Spirulina

Another suggestion is that algae and spirulina have B12 and will raise your B12 levels to optimum levels. This has some merit because serum levels have been shown to have raised after consuming algaes. However, experts say that the real test is the MMA test, showing how much B12 is being metabolized, and in the case of algaes, MMA tests often still show a deficiency. The suggestion is that spirulina has "B12 like compounds" that do not work the same way real B12 does in the body. Hence the optimal serum levels, but the deficient metabolization.

It has been suggested that permanent neurological damage can occur from long term low levels of B12, so if you have been relying on the microbes and/or the algae, you may want to get tested to be sure your levels are where you think they are.

B12 From Nutritional Yeast

It's true that nutritional yeast is a good source of B vitamins, plus it is usually fortified with B12 (meaning B12 is added to it). Unfortunately it is usually fortified with the inferior type cyanocobalamin rather than the superior type methylcobalamin. Also, when someone is deficient in B12, as mentioned in the following absorption section, ingesting B12 from supplements or food takes into account the "gastric intrinsic factor" (defined ahead).

This requires a significant amount of B12 to be ingested (whilst someone is deficient) for any to be absorbed.. and a good majority will be wasted. Bringing the B12 through the intestinal wall into the blood stream is not a simple task for the body when there is an existing deficiency and the intrinsic factor is low.

Eating Meat For B12

Organ meats and other meat products may raise Vitamin B12 levels but of course not everyone wants to consume meat products because of perhaps health and/or ethical reasons. Those that can look past the ethical reasons may have a hard time finding a source of meat that is clean and void of steroids and chemicals. Also, the sources of meat that are commonly available, sadly, are not safe to consume raw. Cooked meat, it has been suggested, is harder to assimilate and lacks digestive enzymes.

We also can't forget the studies that have taken place, with some meat eaters in the test pool, that resulted in almost half being deficient in B12.

Raw B12 For Maintenance

Although getting B12 direct into the blood stream when deficient is suggested to be a more reasonable solution, this product can be ideal for maintaining healthy B12 levels.

Garden of Life's RAW B-12 is a comprehensive, whole-food vitamin B12 formula made with RAW Food-Created Nutrients. Cultivated with their unique Code Factors intact, the RAW Food-Created Nutrients in Vitamin Code formulas enable natural recognition of nutrients by your body, just as nature intended.

Code Factors are the known and yet to be discovered synergistic compounds found in food and are necessary for proper nutrient delivery.

Providing these Code Factors infuses the essential elements of whole-foods that the body thrives upon. Vitamin Code RAW B-12 is RAW, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and contains no binders or fillers.

Taking this RAW B-12 formula to the next level, Vitamin Code RAW B-12 also provides a RAW probiotic and enzyme blend along with a RAW organic fruit and vegetable blend for additional nutritional support.

You can order Raw B12 right now from Amazon - click HERE.

B12 Absorption

The multi-step process for Vitamin B12 absorption may result in a waste in some of the vitamin. In the stomach, B12 binds with a glycoprotein near the beginning of the B12 absorption stages. At this time another glycoprotein, called 'gastric intrinsic factor' or simply 'intrinsic factor' is being produced. These are then sent to the small intestine with all your food and then the B12 complex binds with the intrinsic factor to be brought across the intestinal lining then in to your blood stream.

Increasing the amount of Vitamin B12 can generally help achieve more absorption. However, when levels are low, less 'intrinsic factor' is produced, again, resulting in less absorption. So, as it seems, taking B12 orally, at least initially, doesn't seem like the ideal option.

B12 Into The Bloodstream

Taking B12 into the bloodstream gives you the option to avoid the whole intrinsic factor process completely.

Sublingual B12

A common route people take to get B12 into their system is to supplement. One of the cheapest routes for B12 supplementation is by taking it sublingually in the form of a lozenge or other small pill.

B12 taken sublingually (placed under the tongue), is absorbed through the membranes in your mouth, an indirect route into the bloodstream. This only allows for some absorption, and there are often additives in the lozenges that contribute to taste. Other supplement options are superior in terms of absorption and purity.

If you decide to take sublingual B12, supplements that contain methylcobalamin are the best choices over supplements that contain cyanocobalamin.

B12 Shots

B12 shots are popular for people that can afford the shots and that do not have a problem with needles. B12 shots raise B12 levels effectively and they do so quickly. Some people find this approach unnatural or simply don't want to go this route, which brings to light B12 patches.

B12 Patches

B12 patches are small patches that you put behind your ear that allow your body to absorb the B12 transdermally. The benefits of the patch are that they are really inexpensive compared to shots and you get better absorption than you would if you just used the sublingual tablets.

It can also raise your levels faster than the tablets because you're absorbing the nutrients into your skin, then blood, directly. Patches are a great way to get higher dosages of B12 without the hassle of pills, shots or spending large amounts of money.

It's suggested that B12 shots and the patch are most effective overall.

Best Selling Blenders

Consumers demand quality for their money and most people know that just because something has the lowest price tag does not mean it is of best quality. What do you do when searching for a blender to buy online? Well, the merchants spend mass amounts to advertise and catch the eyes of consumers regardless of whether the products are of the "quality" we expect.

So, sure... mass amounts of low quality products are being sold and making their way onto some best selling blenders lists. But those same products are being returned for a refund or exchanged for a better quality blender. We took a snapshot of the best selling products taking into account high return rates. What's left is this list of best selling blenders minus all the junk products!

Black & Decker BL10450HB Crush Master 10-Speed Blender with 42-Ounce Glass Jar

The Black & Decker BL10450HB is the best selling blender and happens to be the lowest priced as well, with the next cheapest being the Magic Bullet System.

This 450-watt countertop blender has multi-level stainless-steel blades, push-button controls, 10 speed settings, plus a pulse and ice-crush function. It comes with a 42-ounce heat-resistant glass blending jar with an interlock system for safety. It has a motor-overheat protection system, a fast-clean button and dishwasher-safe parts. It measures approximately 8-1/5 by 11 by 13 inches and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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KitchenAid 5-Speed Blenders with Polycarbonate Jars

This 5-speed blender offers .9 HP motor and Intelli-Speed electronic controls. It has a die-cast metal base, a steel-reinforced coupler and a 1-piece stainless-steel blade. The pitcher is dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant and has a 56-ounce capacity and soft-grip handle. It comes with an automatic "crush ice" button, a Clean Touch control pad and cord storage for tidy countertops. It measures 7-1/4 by 9 by 15-1/5 inches and comes with a 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty.

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Magic Bullet Express 17-Piece High-Speed Blender Mixing System

It comes with the power base, 2 blades, 2 bullet cups, 4 mugs with lip rings, 2 shaker/steamer tops, 2 lids, and a recipe book. It completely replaces a food processor, blender, and coffee grinder. It is simple to operate and can do virtually any job in the kitchen in 10 seconds or less. It comes with microwave and freezer-safe cups and mugs and dishwasher-safe parts. It measures approximately 4 by 4 by 10 inches and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker

This frozen concoction maker shaves ice and blends up to 32 ounces. It automatically mixes the right proportion of ice with the ingredients. It has front-access controls, a stable footprint, a generous handle and drip-free spout. The accessories include a shot glass and salt rimmer. It boasts an easy-to-clean design and measures 15-2/3 by 11 by 21 inches and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender

This powerful 500 watt motor blends, chops, grinds, grates, and crushes ice. It has 2 speeds plus a low-speed pulse function. It has a 40-ounce, ribbed-and-tapered glass container, a classic beehive-shaped base clad in chrome. The rubber feet offer stability. It measures 16 by 7-1/4 inches and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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HealthMaster LWHM Living Well/Montel 1100-Watt 2-Quart Fruit-and-Vegetable Emulsifier

This fruit-and-vegetable emulsifier is great for juicing, grating, making ice cream, cooking soup, and more. It has a 1100-watt motor and 8 speeds. The centrifugal friction "cooks" foods naturally. It has wet/dry culinary blades. It crushes up to 2 quarts of ice in seconds in the 70-ounce polycarbonate pitcher. It has an auto shut-off for safety and is dishwasher-safe (aside from the base). It comes with 4 recipe books and a healthy eating plan. It measures 21 by 12-3/4 by 16-1/2 inches and has a 100-year motor warranty.

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